Guangxi Culture & Tourism

  • 25 20-05

    Pumiao Extruded Rice Noodles

    [ ChinaCulturalTourism] The most authentic extruded rice noodles come from Pumiao Town, Nanning, Guangxi The extruded rice noodles are famous for their unique tart flavor The restaurateur squeezes t...

  • 25 20-05

    Old Friend Rice Noodles

    [ ChinaCulturalTourism] It is said that in the 1930s, there was a man who often went to a small restaurant for dinner Over time, the restaurateur and guest became friends Once, this man was so sick ...

  • 18 20-05

    Weizhou Island

    Weizhou Island is located in Beihai City, Guangxi There are many scenic spots on the island, with strong Hakka style The sea meets the sky in Weizhou Island When the sun is setting, the sky is full...

  • 14 20-05

    Baise Mango

    Abundant sunshine and rainfall foster the famous Baise mango Golden mangos are hanging on the branches like lanterns, giving off sweet floral scent with fruity nuance Take a bite, the juice will flo...

A Magnificent Wonder of Nature in Leye
Guangxi, a famous tourist destination for its unique landform known as karst topography, is highly praised as the most beautiful place by many literary magnates There are not only tens of thousands of green hills towering into the sky, as well as crystal-clear rivers with the color of emerald, but also the little known “Tiankeng” (a Chinese term meaning karst doline) found in Leye County, Baise City, Guangxi A trip to Leye is worth if you are interested in mysteries since your childhood It is not exaggerating to say that traveling in Leye is like en...