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Xiangyang Gaolong Phosphorus Chemical Co., Ltd.

Address: No. 132 South Road, Nanzhang County, Xiangyang City, Hubei Province

Tel: 0710-5199681

Fax: 0710-5231641

Mobile phone: 13377973557

Contact person: Mr. Zhou



Create a Better Life



Focus on Chemical Production and Sales
  • To be heart-oriented; to make contributions to the development of human society while pursuing the material and spiritual well-being of all employees.
  • Respect for heaven and love others; while respecting the law of natural development, the attitude of zero complaint serves customers with the highest satisfaction.
  • Self-interest and altruism; Only by being self-interested but at the same time possessing altruism, can cooperation really last forever.


Company concept
  • Make friends with quality, truth and sincerity
  • Keep forging ahead and look forward to working hand in hand with you
  • Sincere cooperation, create a better tomorrow!


Gaolong Phosphorus Chemical Industry
  • To strive for the improvement of the healthy environment of human beings and dedicate ourselves.
  • Vision, down-to-earth, keep pace with the times, changing with each passing day.


Quality assurance
  • Service program: timely, accurate and satisfactory; immediate action, refusal of excuses.
  • Service concept: wholeheartedly serve users, service is our competitiveness.
  • Service objective: Starting from the fundamental interests of customers, everything is for customers.

Company profile

      Xiangyang Gaolong Phosphorus Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in February 2004 with the registered capital of 12 million Yuan RMB. It covers 27,000 sq. m. The company is engaged in producing phosphorus chemicals. The annual output value is 75 million Yuan RMB.

      Our main products: 5000 tons of industrial white phosphorus, 15000tons of industrial phosphoric acid, 6000 tons of phosphorus pentoxide, 8000 tons of polyphosphoric acid and 1000 tons of ammonium polyphosphate .Our products are well sold home and abroad.In 2009, the company was evaluated as ‘high-tech enterprise of Hubei’ by Hubei Science and Technology Agency, and it has been evaluated as ‘safety standardization unit of Hubei’ for three consecutive years. Our party organization is awarded the title of ‘municipal advanced party organization’ by Xiangyang Municipal Party Committee.

      Adhering to the operation philosophy of ‘integrity, efficiency, dedication’, we strive to offer the users perfect after-sale services. With excellent engineers and advanced inspection eqipment,We can assure our customers of high-quality products and low prices. We would like to cooperate with enterprises and dealers at home and abroad for joint development.

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